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Safety Switch Testing – April 2018 only

For the coming month of April 2018, we will be conducting Safety Switch testing (RCD/RCBO). This will be available for residents in the Hornsby Shire.

These essential safety devices need regular testing in order to verify correct operation. It is the only way to make certain that they will save your life or the life of a loved one in the event of a fault or accident.

Correct testing with specialised equipment is the only way to determine if your safety switch is operating correctly. They deteriorate with age!

During the month of April 2018, we are offering some extra tests for free.

What will we test?

Tests will cover:

  • Verification of RCD/RCBO test button for correct operation.
  • RCD/RCBO test on both positive and negative phase of the voltage cycle with record of trip time.
  • MEN verification.
  • Main Earth electrode inspection (visual).
  • Equipotential bonding where able to be found (visual).
  • Earth leakage current through MEN link and Main Earth at time of visit (test).
  • Spot check of Earth Fault Loop on accessible circuits (test).
  • Spot check of polarity on power points (test).
  • Written test report of results – including recommendations (if relevant).
    If a detailed test report is required (when faults may have been found), the report will be delivered within 24 hours.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary for each premises and is determined by the number of circuits tested.

  • The total cost depends on what is being requested
  • Individual circuit breaker testing is quick and easy. However it only tests the circuit breaker and not the circuit. Circuit testing takes much longer and is recommended in certain circumstances.
  • There is a minimum charge of $135 dollars to attend the premises and test all circuit breakers. This is for one switchboard. Multiple switchboards or multiple levels may incur further charges. Please discuss this with us before attendance.
  • Test results with a written report is included on payment of invoice. A receipt will be provided.
  • (Distances North of Hornsby or Cherrybrook incur a small travel cost of $4 per kilometre)

Spot checks, such as earth fault loop and earth electrode inspection is being offered free during the month of April only.

These extra tests are being made available free to home owner/occupiers only.
They will be available to landlords, agents or insurance companies at full cost.

How long will it take?

Time for completion will vary depending on each property, the number of circuits, or the complexity of the electrical system. To properly test one switchboard (including the free tests mentioned) will be approximately one hour. An extra half hour per extra switchboard should be expected.

Please allow a minimum of one and a half hours for the testing of a normal sized home.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about how we might be able to help you with safety switches, or to book an appointment, please use our contacts page, where you can email or phone us.

For further information on safety switches, their operation and how they protect you, please see our article.

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