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Feedback through Facebook
Feedback through Facebook

Feedback through Facebook

Feedback through Facebook

Graham and Kim – Westleigh, – May 16 2018

I asked Greg Rowell to replace all of the halogen down lights in my house with LED’s and he did this very efficiently and meticulously tested every fitting to ensure it met regulations. He did not take for granted any aspect of the existing electrical installation and tested safety switches and made other suggestions to improve the safety of my house. I highly recommend Greg.



Joe – Client Service Supervisor – Asquith – Large builder – warranty contract for a major supplier.

October 19, 2018

Everything went well and Greg was a pleasure to deal with. Hopefully we don’t get any more issues but in saying that would highly recommend having Greg attend to future issues. Thanks for your help. Have a good weekend.

Joe M – Client Service Supervisor



Westleigh – November 11, 2018

Hi Greg,

The new lights look great and the change to the sensor is perfect!

Thanks for all of the work that you have done around the house and for all of the additional thought and planning that you have put into the various jobs. We will highly recommend you.

We still have the water heater and a few other jobs to do so we will be in contact soon.

Enjoy the your Sunday 🙂




South Turramurra. 19th June 2019

Hi Greg,

Thanks a lot for all your work, honesty and professionalism … I really appreciate it


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