The Rules…

Don't want to read the long discussion? ...go straight to the conclusion Yep it's another one about compliance, but with a slight twist! I have just finished a moderately large job for a client. It was for some outside lights and required some modifications to their switchboard - and this is where it gets interesting! … Continue reading The Rules…

What’s wrong here?

Hmmm... If you have been following this blog for a while, you will realise that I am continually harping on about compliance and compliance certificates. The following picture clearly shows why. On the other side of the black panel are all of the circuit protection. Circuit breakers, fuses and main switches. The person who installed … Continue reading What’s wrong here?

Legal Requirements of Trades People

Notes for home owners considering trade work A downloadable and printable PDF version of this document is available. In this article I cover: Licensing Trades people and Contractors – what is the difference? Insurance Receipts Australian Standards Electrical Licensing Australian Standards Compliance Certificates Licensing Most trades people are required to have a contractors license that … Continue reading Legal Requirements of Trades People

Dangerous switchboard

I viewed a unit in Eastwood (in northern Sydney) today to provide advice on an electrical situation; during my inspection I found a switchboard that had recently had a fire. The switchboard had been badly repaired, and the repair work was non-compliant and dangerous. This exposed the tenant to serious safety hazards. I was significantly concerned by what I saw, so much so that I consulted the senior inspectors at Ausgrid for advice.