The Rules…

Don't want to read the long discussion? ...go straight to the conclusion Yep it's another one about compliance, but with a slight twist! I have just finished a moderately large job for a client. It was for some outside lights and required some modifications to their switchboard - and this is where it gets interesting! … Continue reading The Rules…

What’s wrong here?

Hmmm... If you have been following this blog for a while, you will realise that I am continually harping on about compliance and compliance certificates. The following picture clearly shows why. On the other side of the black panel are all of the circuit protection. Circuit breakers, fuses and main switches. The person who installed … Continue reading What’s wrong here?

Bad workmanship

I thought I would share these couple of images. I got asked to install a new oven recently and was shocked at the way the oven had been installed. The oven and stove had been installed on the same circuit, which had overloaded it and contradicted the manufacturers warnings and instructions. Typical bad electrical work. … Continue reading Bad workmanship

Lethal electrical work

I recently came across some very serious faults that could have caused someone’s death. In my life as a tradesman, I have never seen anything so dangerous as what I am about to show you.