Electrical Safety

I thought that I would share this article with a brief discussion, because it demonstrates some legal obligations that you may be required to abide by. I will only discuss electrical safety in this instance, but you may have other obligations from a building safety/WHS perspective as well. Electrical Safety As a home owner, landlord … Continue reading Electrical Safety

Bad workmanship

I thought I would share these couple of images. I got asked to install a new oven recently and was shocked at the way the oven had been installed. The oven and stove had been installed on the same circuit, which had overloaded it and contradicted the manufacturers warnings and instructions. Typical bad electrical work. … Continue reading Bad workmanship

Death by electrocution

In WA a young 11 year old girl sits on deaths door due to an avoidable electrical hazard. Why has this happened, and what should you do to protect yourself and your family.