Cheaper or just more risky – part 2

I was challenged by a friend this morning, who didn't agree with the main point of my argument presented in: "cheaper is ok right" The reason he challenged me was that, in his mind the amount of money that someone is paid, doesn't determine whether the job is a good job, or a bad job. He … Continue reading Cheaper or just more risky – part 2

New wiring rules

The new wiring rules are coming - probably by June 2018! Electricians have been waiting for over 12 months for the new wiring rules to be published. Some of the changes are positive, and some of them will make installation either extremely difficult and costly, or impossible. If you review the compliance section of our … Continue reading New wiring rules

Electricity costs and usage – Solar payback

An introduction to solar panels and feed-in tariffs

In Australia until recently, consumers who installed solar panels, and exported electricity into the grid (what wasn't used by the consumer), received a feed-in tariff of up to $0.60 per kWh. i.e. for every kWh that the consumer generated and exported back into the grid, the electricity supplier paid the consumer up to $0.60. This was gradually reduced over the last 4 or so years, but it allowed many consumers to pay off the cost of their solar panel installation costs quickly. (I think this was actually paid by the each State Government, but can't remember exactly how it worked)