Bad workmanship

I thought I would share these couple of images. I got asked to install a new oven recently and was shocked at the way the oven had been installed. The oven and stove had been installed on the same circuit, which had overloaded it and contradicted the manufacturers warnings and instructions. Typical bad electrical work. … Continue reading Bad workmanship

New wiring rules

The new wiring rules are coming - probably by June 2018! Electricians have been waiting for over 12 months for the new wiring rules to be published. Some of the changes are positive, and some of them will make installation either extremely difficult and costly, or impossible. If you review the compliance section of our … Continue reading New wiring rules

Why can’t customers help?

While carrying out a quote for a customer recently, they indicated that they wanted to do some of the work themselves so that they could reduce their installation cost. For instance, they suggested that they could run cables and cut holes for light fittings. My short answer was no! While the answer wasn't what they … Continue reading Why can’t customers help?