Covid-19 in NSW

I apologise for not updating my current information before this.

Construction work in NSW is now allowed to resume (late July, early August 2021) but with significant restrictions.

Work at occupied premises is now entirely contactless and can only occur if risk factors can be controlled. Some work must now be done offsite.

I am making more regular updates about what I can or can’t do on my FaceBook page.

Most businesses have increased their prices to cover the massive costs that Covid-19 has caused. Government mandated policies have caused significant increases in cost that are directly related to each job. Rather than increase my overall costs, I will now be adding a small Covid Surcharge with each invoice.

This small charge will cover the costs of implementing the Government Mandated Covid-19 policies and procedures, and all of the mandatory safety equipment required to carry out your work. It will also contribute a small amount to the massive cost of work that used to be done onsite that must now occur off site due to the mandated Government health orders.

Up until this point I have worn this massive cost, but can no longer continue to operate without adding this small charge.

If you are seeking work by me, please don’t hesitate to call, but also remember that operating in a Covid-19 environment is making work significantly more difficult, more costly, and delays are occurring in many instances.

Best wishes in these difficult times.

updated August 10, 2021

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