Covid 19 and lockdown in NSW

As you all know, we are now in lockdown again.

As an essential worker, I am allowed to continue to visit customers and work outside of my home.

I did this all through last year.

However, I have decided that I will stop work until the afternoon of Wednesday 30th June, before reviewing the current situation again.

Also, during this lockdown I have decided to reduce where I go, the jobs that I do, and to also reduce my hours of work.

I will NOT be taking on any new customers, or new work for the short term.

This is to protect myself, reduce the number of people that I see, and to try to protect all of my existing customers.

This will further delay ALL planned work.

I appreciate that you might want work done sooner, but due to the rapidly changing situation, I have to consider my WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) responsibilities for myself and for my customers.

I sincerely apologise for all of the delays that C19 has brought throughout the last 18 months that this has been going on. It has been unpredictable and constantly evolving.

However, that’s the new norm for all of us.

If you would like someone to get to your project sooner, I would advise you to contact Shae Jarvis from SJ Power. I have been sending people to Shae for a while, as they have a bigger team. SJ Power also do good quality work.

You can contact Shae on: 0416 809 676 or

Best wishes,


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