The pot!

Well…. this was an interesting find!

Yep it is a pot, but hey… what are those wires coming out of it?

The pot - with a transformer inside!
What an interesting find. Yep it’s a POT. But what are those wires coming out of it? Holy Moly, there is something electrical in this thing!

I’ve come across all sorts of things in my electrical career, but never a POT with wires coming out of it!

Initially I thought this must have been a DIY job, but no, it was apparently installed by an electrician who wanted to make the transformer quieter!!!

Good grief.

The non-compliant transformer installation.
Yep, it really does have something electrical inside! Not what I would ever want to see inside a POT. It is a transformer with a litany of defects from an electrical perspective.

So what are the obvious defects here?

  • Inside this pot is a very large transformer.
  • The transformer sits upon a piece of suspended ruberised fabric.
  • Beneath this are some pull tops off milk bottles.
  • None of the electrical connections are firmly attached to a structure, and the transformer is floating loose within the container.
  • The holes within the pot are too large, and are non compliant from a “touch” perspective. There is also the increased risk of debris falling into the connections, causing a short or increasing the risk of electrical contact.
  • There are no glands to protect the cables where they penetrate the metal pot.

The only good thing – the pot appears to be earthed!…. just not properly!

What are the risks?

  • Electric shock for those working in the ceiling space,
  • An increased risk of fire,
  • An increased risk of material to enter the box and cause a short circuit.
  • The potential for the cable to be sliced through (no glands) and cause a short circuit or fire.
  • The potential for the transformer to move around, with the result that the insulation of the windings will break down. This could cause a short circuit, or overload (depending on which winding is damaged), with the outcome a possible fire.

In 30 years I have not seen another electrician be so “inventive” with their NON-COMPLIANT and ILLEGAL installation.

While this creative solution is interesting, it is also highly dangerous. It exposes the family to electrocution risks, fire and short circuit.

What does this tell us?

There are many electricians out there who really don’t know what they are doing. There are so many obvious breaches of Australian Standards.

It clearly shows that the installer was completely incompetent and doesn’t know the basic wiring rules – most of which are common sense!

What happens should a fire occur?

If the installer is unlicensed or uninsured and an accident or fire occurs, the customer may have to sue the installer personally.

If the person is licensed and insured, then his/her insurance is void!!!

A tradesperson’s insurance only covers them for work that complies with Australian Standards.

If it doesn’t comply, their insurance is void!

If the homeowner knowingly allows non-compliant work to be installed in their home, the homeowner’s insurance may be void.

Be aware of their obligations

Ask if what your installer is doing complies with Australian Standards. If they are not 100% confident, don’t let them do it!

Always get a invoice/receipt
Always get a Compliance Certificate of Electrical Work
…. They’re mandatory anyway

It is your home after all.

Bye for now,


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