Appliances and Warranties

Following on from my most recent article on home owners doing their own electrical work, I wanted to write about appliances and warranties.

Illegal wiring by home owners

In that article I specifically wrote about dangers, hazards, and risks; what else might you need to think about when it comes to installing fittings  or appliances yourself?

If you install the fitting or appliance incorrectly,

  1. it might not work
  2. you might damage it
  3. or you might blow it up.
  4. If you damage it or blow it up what do you think might happen?

Questions to ask yourself

  • Can you take it back to the store you bought it from?
  • Will you have a warranty?
  • What if it works for a while but then suddenly stops working within its warranty period?

All of the above questions have the same answer.

You might think that it’s straightforward if your appliance breaks down, but it might not be as simple as you think.

Manufacturers requirements

Many appliances come with an in home warranty. If your appliance breaks down you must contact the manufacturer.

  • They may require you to provide a receipt showing that it was installed by a licensed trades person.
  • They may require a compliance certificate showing that it was installed to Ausralian Standards.
  • They will then send out a repairer, and your appliances are repaired or replaced for free.

Even if you don’t have this in home repair service a repair under warranty might not be that easy.

  • Don’t you just need a receipt from the retailer?
  • Can’t you just show the repairer your receipt?

A per above, some manufacturers are asking for a receipt of installation, and a compliance certificate – I have written about compliance certificates before (different names in different states).

Voided warranties

Some manufacturers are stating that your warranty is void if either one or both of these are not able to be produced.

Don’t believe me? The following image is a copy of the warranty document for a $120 3 in 1 heat lamp.

The highlight in yellow says that if you don’t have a receipt and compliance certificate your warranty is void.

The highlight in red says that if your appliance breaks and it hasn’t been installed to Australian Standards, your warranty is void. If you home then burns down, your warranty is void, and likely your home insurance too.

Homeowners please take NOTE:

Many homeowners don’t understand the importance of getting a receipt and compliance certificate from their trades person. Carefully read the highlight in red above!

If you get a cheap job, no receipt, no compliance certificate, you are at great risk if there is a later problem.

Are you choosing the right contractor, or are you taking risks. paying a lot of money for a tradie doesn’t always get you what you want, but buying cheap, most often results in BAD…

Should you have installed your brand new $1,500 oven and not be able to supply a compliance certificate your warranty may be void.

Is it worth it to save a few dollars?

Not only may you be putting the lives of yourself and your family at risk, your warranty may be null and void.

While you may save yourself $100 in the short term, your long-term cost may be substantial.

  1. So not only is it illegal to do your own electrical work if you’re not licensed
  2. you may be putting the lives of yourself and your family at risk
  3. your home insurance may be void
  4. as may be the warranty of your appliance.

So back to the question a few moments ago…

Do you still think that it is OK to do a DIY electrical job just to save a few dollars?

Bye for now,

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