New switchboard and kitchen

Very proud of the outcome of this long drawn out, and complicated job.

The customer had requested electrical work for a new kitchen, but it wasn’t that simple. A quick investigation of the switchboard showed that the electrical system was overloaded by factor of 2. A new kitchen just wasn’t going to happen that easily… unfortunately.

The simple kitchen reno, wasn’t that simple…

The outcome…

A completely new switchboard. New three phase supply, new aerial cables, new consumer mains (aerial cables and consumer mains by GDM Electrical – Hornsby)

… and a beautiful brand new kitchen that will last decades!

Some photos of the new switchboard and kitchen (the lights were existing).

The wall on the left of the rangehood was completely chased (bricks cut to recess cables and then rendered ) for new cables – you can see this in the fridge alcove.

The rangehood was completely customised to suit the short ceiling height – ducted outside and complying with bushfire zone rules.

Below this is a 35A switch installed for the stove – 120mm outside of the edge of the stove to comply with new rules.

All cables were concealed within the cavity on all external walls.

A new power point for the microwave, and a 15A power point for the Oven.

Even a USB double power point in the cupboard – just in case you want to charge your phone while you cook!… or perhaps watch a YouTube video with a recipe!

… Even beneath the stove the cables were nicely finished!

Beautiful, neat and tidy – exactly as it should be!

The tiles were 1/2 inch thick, and the hardest tiles I have every drilled – I eventually had to use a diamond drill and water (I broke two tile drills). In total (including the time it took to destroy two tile drills) it took nearly 2 hours to drill 8 holes for the rangehood.

…not a chipped, scratched or damaged tile anywhere. A perfect result!

Yep it took a long time to do it properly, but a beautiful outcome that will last for decades to come!

Do you want a job that lasts a lifetime?

Done once, done properly the first time!

Bye for now,

Greg Rowell
Greg is a member of NECA
National Electrical and Communications Association

Other work worth noting.

Since I completed this work, the wonderful team at Thornleigh Plumbing have installed the taps and waste for the sink – not quite as easy as it seems as it was an internal wall with no existing pipes of any kind! The kitchen is now fully operational with a fantastic outcome for the client! Dave from Thornleigh Plumbing: 0425 282 904

Dave is a member of the Master Plumbers Association and once sat on the board. If you want good quality plumbing work done, you’ve got to get the right team!

The tiler was absolutely brilliant. His work was exemplary, and of a very high quality – well above average. You get what you pay for. Talk to Bob Symin from Auswide bathroom renovations. 0404 040 977

Yep I even have to give one of my competitors a good wrap here too!
GDM Electrical were also excellent in their work. I have done a few jobs with them now, contracting them where a level II electrician is required (ASP level II – Authorised Service Personel to work on Ausgrid’s network). (Aerial cables, consumer mains, service fuses and meters). One of their staff is an ex Ausgrid employee. They do excellent work, and I highly recommended them for Level II work. GDM Electrical at Hornsby: Call Daniel: 0410 508 891, or Grant:
0421 351 135

… OK… They also do basic electrical work as I do, so if I am too busy, give them a call! …but don’t call them too much OK! 🙂

MACS Pty Ltd did the air conditioning. Andrew McKinlay has decades of experience. His knowledge and expertise resulted in a beautifully installed split system – moved from the opposite wall. Probably one of the best air conditioning mechanics I have worked with over the years. Andrew knows his stuff. Give Andrew a call on: 0422 229 876

… on the other hand, the meter installer “Vector” did a complete “hack” job – butchered the switchboard and even removed an essential component (that the client had to pay for again) cost them an extra $110!. Unfortunately you are stuck with “Vector” if you are with Energy Australia and want a new meter installed!!! Watch them like a hawk, and don’t let them get away with anything!!!

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