Uh Oh

I guess this work wasn’t checked…

This is the connection of a circuit breaker for an air conditioner I recently had the unfortunate experience of investigating.


Houston, I think there’s a problem here?

Can you see what the problem is?

Bad Connectoin
Hmmm… Is this connected properly? I am not sure!!!

Whoops, this air conditioning installer made a booboo. I wonder what it is?


But wait, isn’t that wire meant to be between those two terminals?

Nah… That’d be too simple!

Hmmm… I think that wire is getting too hot and burning into the circuit breaker…

Bad connection
Whoops, that wire got too hot and melted into the circuit breaker… nah, couldn’t have been connected incorrectly could it?

The electrician (probably not qualified and just an air con mechanic) didn’t check their work properly. The cable wasn’t connected correctly and the outcome was a burnt circuit breaker.

They didn’t check their work and more importantly…

The client didn’t get a Compliance Certificate of Electrical Work (CCEW)

Switchboard fire

But wait…

It could have been worse, and the house could have burnt down, but luckily for this client, I found this mistake by accident.

This home owner can now sleep safe at night knowing that their home won’t burn down.

So what I hear you say…

Always get a Compliance Certificate (CCEW), check the license of your installer and make sure you get a receipt.

  • No receipt, no warranty.
  • No CCEW, you have a non-compliant installation.
  • No License/Bad license – illegal work.

Is a fire or the death family member worth saving a few dollars?

Don’t take the risk…

Bye for now,


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