Injury update

The injury to my arm is healing, but slower than expected…

updated – 2018, Sept 30

see: Delayed by injury for more information.

Progress is slow with my arm folks – sorry. While there have been a few improvements, it is taking much longer than any of us would have thought. It was a very bad injury, so I probably should have expected this, but it is disappointing.

There have been quite a few of you asking if I could do some work for you, and I have had to say no. I apologise for not being able to assist you, but I can’t risk injuring my arm further.

Maybe a bit of elbow grease Doc?
Hey Doc, I thought you said it would be faster than this. I can’t even wipe my…          nose.

For the last month, I have started doing a few smaller jobs; taking it slowly has helped, but I must now take a break again for my safety and well-being – sorry about that.

If you have a small job you want done, I might still be able to help. Please give me a call, and I can advise you.

I am still offering free advice to community members who may be interested in getting some electrical work done.

Even if I can’t help you directly, I can provide assistance in what to look for and what you might require.

I have been offering free inspections of earth electrodes for residents of Westleigh.

I am offering this service to locals because I have found quite a few residents who have had electrical work done and contractors have not done the proper checks. Contractors are legally required to check the earth electrode (amongst other things) when electrical work has been undertaken – most don’t and leave their client unprotected.


If you live in Westleigh, and would like a free inspection, please give me a call. If there is a fault that I can repair, I will do so for a small extra charge. If it is too big for me, I can refer you on to another contractor who might be able to help. Of course, if you would like to get your own electrician to repair it for you, please do so.

This is an obligation free offer for locals of Westleigh only .

Give me a call, I will always help the locals where I can.

Bye for now,

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