Hard to find parts

Wire wound transformerSometimes as an electrician it is quite difficult to find parts for products.
Sometimes we need specialised equipment to solve complex problems; sometimes we have specific requirements that the usual suppliers can’t source.

It can be time consuming, take a huge amount of time, and sometimes it becomes just too expensive.

When you have old or specialised equipment, often there is no choice but to search and search… and search some more……..

Well did I have some trouble this week…

So what was the problem?

All I wanted was a wired (iron core) transformer like the one above that met a specific size, shape, voltage output and wattage. An industrial quality power transforer. It didn’t seem that hard really?

Surely our electrical wholesalers still have it covered don’t they – they “must” know where to get them from!!!

Oh dear…

When I was a boy…..

Back when I first started my apprenticeship, I was responsible for repairing complex machinery, or sourcing parts for specialised equipment – this was amongst a vast array of other tasks that I performed as an electrician.

Back in those days it wasn’t that difficult. I could go down to my local electrical wholesaler and just order something to suit. They’d look up their catalogue, find what you were looking for (or a close match) and you’d have it in a couple of days. They knew all of the contacts to get these “weird” stuff

But alas… apparently those days are gone…

Yesterday I visited four local electrical suppliers. My usual one, wasn’t even interested in helping – they just said they were’t available anymore (I am starting to feel that I am not that interested in using them anymore either…). My old one, wasn’t much more interested than my current one, but at least they had an option for me (not that it was entirely suitable though). I even tried one supplier who I have been luke-warm about for a few years (like the last one, they offered an option, but it was more unsuitable than the last one – at least these guys seemed a bit more interested in their customers, if only slightly).

Today, I even tried a supplier in the suburb I was working, Meadowbank (who used to be very good at sourcing weird stuff), but even they said it was difficult. At least these guys went the extra mile and found someone for me (at what I felt was quite a high price mind you). At least they made the effort and had great customer service. Good on you Salmon Brothers Electrical!!!

Note that I didn’t mention the first bunch 🙂

Thank goodness for the internet!

Hours on the internet and I found it!!!

The winners in this pathetic competition of bad customer service, disinterest, and lack of knowledge were…

Tortech Pty Ltd – https://www.tortech.com.au/
Total Transformer Solutions

These guys were fantastic. I had sent out an email late the night before. They phoned me the next day to confirm they had one in stock, and that they could post it by courier to get to me the next day. Payment was made over the phone.

Even when I phoned back and indicated I would pick up the item, nothing was too difficult for them. They made the necessary changes and it was all sorted.

Nothing was too much trouble, they were helpful and knowledgeable.

Good old fashioned customer service, knowledge and care about their customers.

Bloody brilliant!

When I turned up on site at their warehouse, I found that they make their own specialised transformers and have engineers and staff to make custom alterations should a client require it.

Wow I didn’t know this sort of manufacture still existed in this Country. We’ve sent everything offshore, and have the “just dump it in the tip and buy a new one” mentality. Not that you can do this with specialised or expensive machinery though!

Nice to know we still have the capacity to make something in this country, and have the technical know-how to do so.

Sadly I probably won’t need one of these again for a few more years, but I will certainly be coming back to see these guys if I need to.

Though I hope that I can remember who they are and don’t have to spend hours on the internet again 🙂 ha ha ha ha

Bye for now,

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